She Started Texting During Her Driving Test – The Results Are Quite Shocking


In modern society, texting and driving has become a growing issue. More and more people seem to believe that they are great at multitasking and will succumb to the urge to respond to their texts, even when they are supposed to be focused on the road ahead. Hundreds of people suffer injuries and even fatalities caused by inattentive driving and text messages are one of the most common catalysts.

This clip shows you the firsthand dangers of believing that you can text and drive. All the people in this clip thought they could handle the task with ease, until the driving instructor decided to put their skills to the test.

While it is funny to watch these people remark on they feel foolish and feel as if they have never even driven before, it is a sobering reminder of just how quickly we can lose control behind, even if we believe ourselves to experienced drive and text masters. This clip was designed to teach us the error of our ways.

The video should serve as a warning as to what can happen if you do not follow the rules of the road and keep your phone at a distance. There is no text message worth losing your life or endangering the lives of your fellow motorists for.

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