She Slept In The Dirt Outside His Home. But He Had Enough So He Built THIS… I’m In Tears!


There are currently a lot of problems going on in the world, most of which cannot be fixed, or so people think. One of these problems comes from the economics we have set on ourselves. Not us, as individuals, but us as a species. We have a flawed economic system and that is clearly, simply because we can see that while there are people literally drowning in money, there are also people literally drowning in debt. What usually happens is that people see those drowning in money as complete geniuses that made it to the top of the financial ladder through outstanding ability, while those drowning in debt probably started doing drugs or something like that to waste away all of their money.

This isn’t always true. As a matter of fact, it’s almost never the reality. What usually happens is that those who have a lot of money had the chance to get it all, and managed to take it without being unfortunate, while what happens with those drowning in debt is that they didn’t have that chance. They weren’t so lucky, life didn’t smile upon them and as such, they didn’t manage to be financially independent.

When people have too much debt, their home gets taken away from them, and they end up sleeping outside, such is the type of society we have today. They become homeless and this is a major problem. In the United States, in 2013, there were over 600,000 people without a home to live in, and society is too busy to worry about them because they don’t have money to give back.

Luckily, some people decided that this was a common problem and that it needed to be fixed by any means necessary. A lot of people think that to help out they need to donate food or money, but this isn’t going to hit the problem where it hurts, this is just going to soothe it. Help is help, but this usually isn’t enough.

But then there is Elvis Summers. This man decided to fight homelessness and even though he is only one person, he managed to take one homeless person and give her a roof. Using discarded materials, Elvis managed to build up a home for a homeless woman that slept in the dirt near his home.

This woman is Smokie, and as you can see in the video, she is thrilled to have a place to call home, she is thrilled to be able to sleep in her own place from now on. Sure, it isn’t a mansion, but Elvis did an amazing deed and he is certainly going to Heaven just because of this one single act of kindness.

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