She Sits Down With A Baby Elephant And The Best Thing Ever Happens!


In the video, you have two elephants. One is likely a couple of months old, but the most curious little fellow is probably a week or two in age. His whole world is about finding out what’s what? We take our hands for granted, but as an elephant doesn’t have hands, he or she uses their trunk to examine the world. At his tender age, he’s more like a baby human. He knows there’s food, there’s mom, and then there is this lady—or whatever they think we are—sitting there in front of him.

He continues to grasp at her nose with his trunk. He isn’t trying to hurt her and for her part, the trunk is probably ticklish. He wants to know what that thing on her face is for, and why it won’t come off so he can expect it closer. His senses are set to touch, taste, and determine if it’s food or not.

It’s apparent that the smaller of the two is intent upon protecting his prize, as he nudges the larger elephant away. For all he knows, at this stage of life, the thing on her face could be food. Regardless of what it is, he wants to find out.

The communication between the cameraman and the woman draws his attention toward the other voice. He examines the cameraman and his hand. He’s probably decided what the hand is by now, so he returns to the nose that has stimulated his curiosity.

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