She Sings “You Raise Me Up.” But When Dad Changes The Words – Everyone Burst Into Tears


This is a beautiful video of a church wedding and after the father states his case in this song, the bride sings “You know he will” and it is time to say “I will.” The groom looks to be in total shock but he smiles right along with this plan. Warning: this is an emotional video so enjoy it. You have to watch this to see how it ends it is such a cool wedding.

Watch this video to see the expression on the groom’s face. You won’t believe what happens on this video as this singing father and bride steal the show at this beautiful church wedding. You have to watch this video to hear the bride’s voice and it is amazing in this beautiful setting. The father has his singing part in this video but it doesn’t come close to the bride singing her heart out about her new husband taking care of her.

Watch this beautiful bride as she looks so beautiful in this setting and her voice is too. The singers and musicians are very impressive in this video and you will love it. Take a little time and enjoy this wedding video. This is such a fun video as they sing together in this beautiful church. This was a great idea planned out by the bride and father and it turns out very well. This is not something that happens at a wedding very often but it sure turned out great! This video will bring a tear to your eye when you see it.

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