She’s Simply Paying For Her Groceries – But Keep Your Eye On The Man Behind Her


This is one of the most common types of theft, and many banks are now taking measures to prevent such events from happening. Many members have reported suspicious activity on their cards and have turned to their banks for the answers. While banks will often times return stolen money to their customers, the reality of these crimes does not seem to change. Merchants and retailers are often blamed for not providing enough security measures against the incidents.

Thieves will often opt to steal pin codes because it is less risky for them in the long run. Stealing merchandise and even providing false credit cards in person, are among the more risky, while simply stealing codes and heading to the ATM is, quite literally, easy money.

Keeping this information in mind, individuals need to be sure to properly dispose of any documentation or otherwise risky paperwork, as many thieves will use these items as a gateway. If you don’t think thieves will go through the trash for your info, think again. They will go just about any length necessary to obtain your money and to obtain it without a trace.

As we share this important information with you, please take necessary precautions against pin code theft and how easily it is really done. Do some more research on the various ways your information can be in danger, and most of all, inform others of these incidents. If you don’t think you are at risk, think again. We must help each other stand against these cases of ATM pin code theft.

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