She Searched Everywhere For Her Rescue Dog. And WHERE She Found Him…Oh My Heart!


There are service dogs for people with all sorts of disabilities who require assistance. A person with physical disabilities may need a dog that can open doors, turn on lights and retrieve items for them. A blind person may require a service dog to guide them and allow them their personal freedom. Service dogs can be trained to alert in the event that someone is having a seizure, and to summons help. In recent years, doctors have been suggesting service dogs for those suffering from depression.

It is little wonder that a service dog is much more than a family pet; they are a valued member of the family. In this video you see how this large and beautiful animal makes herself comfortable alongside the toddler. This is further proof that a service dog is a rare dog. She obviously loves her family very much and accepts that her family loves her too. There is not any jealously in this relationship. Raven is comfortable with her position (no pun intended) and has no fear of retribution. It is safe to say that Raven would protect this smallest member of the family.

There are never enough service dogs available. In some places there are a few thousand people on waiting lists. The wait time to get an animal which is trained for their particular needs can be anywhere from one to five years.

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