She Puts Vodka On Some Cotten Swabs and Rubs It On Her Face. The Reason? Brilliant


Guys don’t make passes at gals with dirty glasses. Someone is always complaining about dirty eye glasses. Make all those finger prints, smudges, and flecks of dirt disappear by applying vodka to a soft cloth and rubbing away the grime. Flowers can be an expensive token of affection or beauty. Make them last longer by adding a dash of the spirit into the vase. If you refresh the water and vodka every three days you can have a fresh bouquet for up to two weeks or longer. A third household hack is the flexible ice pack. Alcohol freezes at a much lower temperature than water. Mix equal parts of water and vodka in a zipper bag and place in the freezer. The slushy mixture will be flexible and can be applied anywhere.

Now that we’ve cleaned up around the house, let’s talk about health and beauty hacks with vodka. Let’s start at the top and work our way down to our toes. Do you have dull lifeless hair? Add a shot of vodka to your shampoo bottle. Wash and rinse as usual and once your hair has dried, you should be able to see the difference.

Shaving, those blades can be downright expensive, but you can clean, disinfect and prevent rust in one simple step. Pour some vodka into a cup or small jar and place your razor with blades face down in it. Let it soak for a couple of hours and you will be ready to go. Since vodka is an excellent bacteria fighter and an astringent, put some on a cotton ball and use on your face to fight acne and other skin irritations.

Last but not least are the feet. You already know that vodka can kill bacteria, so use it on your feet as feet soak and it will leave them smelling cleaner and fresh, no more corn chip smell. If you are on a tight schedule and just need to freshen and run, put the vodka on a cloth and wipe your feet down.

Hope you find these seven hacks helpful. If not, you can always pour yourself a stiff one and come up with more hacks of your own.

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