She Puts A Tea Bag On Her Skin For A Reason That Can Help Every Woman.


Watch this episode on household uses and see what she does with tea bags in your refrigerator to absorb odors. A few teabags and no more wasting money on those products at the store. Frugal seems to be the new cool! You won’t believe what she does for dirty dishes. She uses the tea bags to dissolve the dirt and grime. Just let them soak in a tea bag solution and it comes right off. Watch as she places some dry used tea bags in her shoes overnight. The tea bags absorb the foot odor! Watch this video and see some great money savings tips. This video shows you exactly how to do all these great tips.

For this next household use I would never believe it until I saw this video. The frugal woman actually uses tea bags around the house to keep bugs and roaches away. Who knew there were so many uses for old tea bags around your house. Bug and mice deterrents can be pretty expensive. Just watch this frugal woman and you won’t believe all the uses for tea bags she has. For the skin, used tea bags really seem to work wonders. The bags work to reduce swelling in the skin and are even good for bruises. The bags are also good for cold sores. Watch this video and see how this nice frugal lady can save you money by just using a few tea bags.

Watch this video and see all the amazing things you can do with used tea bags. This great channel The “Savings Experiment” really can help save money. This frugal expert shows how to use all these great ideas just from using something you would just throw away. Who knew that used tea bags could be used for all these things. Frugal is definitely the new cool! Most people are just throwing away good money if you’re not using these great ideas. Please pass on this video to your friends.

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