She Put Her Finger In A Mixture Of Alcohol And Nail Polish. And What Happened Blew Me Away.


You can spend between $10 and $45, or you can watch the video to see how easy it is to create that cool newspaper look on your nails. The video shows you how to do it and how much time to allow for each process. While some people are recommending rubbing alcohol, others feel that products such as Rum or Vodka work better. From a scientific perspective, alcohol is alcohol, so the cheaper the better. You can purchase a bottle of rubbing alcohol for $1.18 at most large discount stores. The other choices are a bit more lavish, but it’s your choice. Next, you will need to choose a nail color. Whites, grays, baby blue, or light pink will work best. Paint your nails, 1 to 2 coats, to get a hard even finish. Allow them to dry before proceeding to the next step. Do not use a product meant to help the nails dry, but allow them to dry naturally.

Women with flat, even, and smooth nails will be able to apply one solid strip for the process; however, if your nails round in to your finger on either side, you may want to cut separate pieces. If the nails are rounded, the newspaper will not reach the edges and the print will appear only on the flattest surface of the nail. Next, pour the alcohol into a bowl deep enough for soaking the nails. If you’ve cut one piece per nail, do one nail at a time. Soak the nails for approximately 5 seconds. Place the newspaper on the nails and press it to the nails for about 15 seconds. Remove the newspaper quickly so that you don’t create smudges.

To clean around the nails, use a cotton Q-tip soaked in alcohol. For best results to create a shiny finish, apply a topcoat. If you’re not satisfied, or have smudges, remove the polish. Although alcohol will not work as a polish remover, rubbing it on nails will cause the polish to erupt and leave an uneven finish appearance.

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