She Put Coca-Cola All Over Her Hair… Wait Till You See The FANTASTIC Result!


Ellko is a beauty blogger, a well-known YouTuber and a very adventurous woman when it comes to beauty and styling trends: she tries them so that other people don’t have to in her ‘show’: Fail or Holy Grail. In it, if a trend fails to deliver what it promised, it is seen as a fail. If it does deliver what it promised, it is seen as Holy Grail.

In this video, Ellko tries a very infamous beauty hack that has been around the internet for quite a while and finally solves it. Is it fail? Or is it Holy Grail? The hack consists in the use of Coca-Cola in order to try to see if her hair gets textured beach curls.

Ellko’s hair is fine and straight, but the hack is supposed to be used by girls with very thin hair, and Ellko doesn’t have that. Nevertheless, she decided to bravely try it out so that her fans would be able to tell whether or not it actually works or not. If it does, her hair should get the same texture as it would if she used seat salt spray or texturizing gel.

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