She Poured Vinegar Into Her Kitchen Sink. Moments Later, I’m In Shock!


Watch this short video showing ten great hacks using vinegar. Everybody can use these great vinegar tips. All the mixtures for using around the house use simple ingredients. The three simple parts used to mix the vinegar are either water, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar and baking soda. There is even a simple vinegar hack for removing wrinkles from your clothes! Watch as the main ingredient is one part vinegar and the rest just water. This is great when you don’t have an iron. All you do is spray with a bottle the vinegar and water and after they dry the wrinkles come right out.

All ten of these vinegar hacks are very useful around the house. Watch this video to see exactly how to do all these. You can even use it to keep flowers alive! Flowers will keep a lot longer with a mixture of water and vinegar. There is even a great hack to keep your cat off your nice new furniture. Just follow the directions on this great concise video.

Everybody has vinegar in their kitchen. You won’t believe how useful this one ingredient can be. Just use a simple spray bottle to mix up your vinegar and in a few easy steps you will have solved your household problem.

There is even a use for vinegar to keep your garbage can clean. Watch as this guy puts bread with vinegar on it to get rid of those strange odors coming from the garbage can. He even uses apple cider vinegar to get rid of those pesky fruit flies in your kitchen. Watch as he cuts some holes in a container filled with apple cider vinegar. They go into the vinegar but they don’t come out.

Watch this video to see how he does all these things with vinegar. You really only need a spray bottle and vinegar to do most of these hacks. He shows you how to use a simple spray bottle with vinegar, water and dish detergent to make a good all-purpose household cleaner. The combination of ingredients will clean about anything even your glasses.

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