She Poured Cake Batter Into The Rice Cooker. Now My Kids Are BEGGING Me To Make This Too!


How does homemade chocolate cake sound? Delicious, of course, but sometimes we just don’t have the time to bake a cake, or maybe all of the stuff to bake a cake in the oven. Well this video tells us how to cook a great chocolate cake in a rice cooker in just 12 minutes! Homemade whipped cream and chocolate mixed together and steamed? Amazing! Watch to see just how easy it is to bake a handmade chocolate cake in a rice cooker – all in less than 20 minutes! The end product looks absolutely delicious!

If you’re someone who works a lot, goes to school or has something else that keeps you busy, but you also love chocolate – this easy, quick chocolate cake in the rice cooker is for you! No baking pans required! No oven required! Not a lot of time, and an awesome chocolate cake topped with powdered sugar (or topping of your choice.)

She starts by steaming large chunks of chocolate (50g worth). Continuously stirring the chocolate is important as to not let the chocolate stick to the sides of the cooker, as she’s stirring the entire time the chocolate is melting right before your eyes! Then, she starts on the homemade whipped cream (which is much easier, and faster to make as it may sound, don’t let ‘homemade’ scare you away!)

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