She Picks This Tiny Egg Off The Ground, But Watch What Happens When It Starts To Hatch…


A great example of rebirth is this baby bird video. It hatches right from its egg, and you can see the entire thing on video! It is incredible to watch this tiny animal make its way out of his shell, and it’s a perfect metaphor for every one of us in terms of learning how to reinvent ourselves and take the opportunity to become reborn. Birth is so rare, and it’s not every day that you get to see it unfold right in front of you. It can show you just how precious life is, and this particular video is simply amazing.

A person finds a tiny egg on the ground. Instead of walking by, they choose to pick it up. Whether it was its time or was the warmth of the hand, something incredible starts to happen. The egg starts to shake! You should have an idea as to what this means… And the person who was holding the egg knew exactly what was about to happen. They grabbed their cell phone in order to capture the whole thing on video.

As the video shows, the egg begins to rock back and forth, and slowly a crack appears area the crack gets wider and wider, and then a little pink creature decides to make its way into the world. It is a baby bird, though you may wonder what it is because it is completely featherless, and a little weird looking.

Regardless, you will find this video absolutely wonderful – and you will want to share with your friends again and again.

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