She Picked Up Her Puppy But Then… The Sound He Made Left Everyone In HYSTERICS!


He’s just so adorable. This video clip has to be watched multiple times to really take it in. Who knows just what he is trying to say. If every animal that is picked up by his or her mommy made these fun sounds, wouldn’t the world be a much funner place. I just can’t get over him. All the videos on the Internet can’t compare to this puppy. There are hundreds of animal videos with similar situations with animals making strange or funny noises. But his voice is so unique, he sounds almost human. There seems to be an actual human child in the background of this video that can’t be seen. And yet, it’s Ramsey, the adorable husky pup. Maybe he thinks he is a human baby greeting his mom. Doesn’t he just make you want to add this video to your favorites column so you can watch it over and over again and possible find more videos like this of fun animals making similar noises?

If you have an animal that makes fun noises, share them with the world so we can see more versions of Ramsey. The world just can’t get enough of his cuteness and the smiles he puts on people’s faces. Whatever reason he is making such fun sounding noises, we hope he keeps being just as cute as he is in this short video making everyone laugh with him. Keep talking to your mommy Ramsey! Tell her how you feel.

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