She Melts A Plastic Bottle With An Iron – Now I Have To Try This


This new bracelet making trick is so fun and easy, anyone can do it. It’s a great project with the kids or an easy DIY item to spice up your own closet. Watching this video will give you the answers to this fun trick. With just a water bottle, some scissors, masking tape, an iron, and fingernail polish or acrylic paint, you can create personalized jewelry. The bracelets are easy to make and such a fun idea. After taking off the label on the water bottle, you choose the size of bracelet you want and put tape around the bottle to keep the size in mind. Having the tape there also helps with straight cutting. When the tape is on, cut around the edges on both sides. Once the bottle is cut down to the size you want, remove the tape.

The next step in the video is ironing the edges. If you are working with your kids, this is best for the adult to do. Simply melting the edges against the iron gives you a beautiful soft edge and makes it safe for you or your kids to wear and not get cut. It leaves a smooth glossy shine to the middle without any ugly jagged edges or damaging the inside of the project. Make sure you let the plastic cool before you try to handle it. It should only take a few minutes to cool. If you try too early you could get burned.

The next and final step is to paint the inside of the bracelet with either nail polish or acrylic paints. Make some fun designs that pull your attention or the attention of others. You can do anything with it. The awesome thing about this project, is that you create your own. It isn’t an over copied item from the local store. The item is yours and the design is entirely yours. So exciting.

After the bracelet dries for a little while it’s ready to put on and add fun unique style to your wardrobe. You could also start a fashion trend with your friends and family. The possibilities are endless with these bracelets in shapes, sizes and colors. Try different colored bottles to get different results and create any bottle into something beautiful.

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