She Made A Mistake Every Mother Does. This Video May Save Your Child’s Life…


This accident can only happen one time and it is too late. Many parents believe that they are doing a good thing by sleeping with their baby. Some homes believe in the family bed as a part of growing up and staying close to their children. The closeness and bonding provided by the event does not erase the danger that is posed by it. Babies should be put in a crib with no stuffed animals, pillows, or objects that can cause suffocation. A bassinet placed next to your bed without pillows or stuffed animals is a great solution if you want to have your child near you. A bassinet can be placed close to the bed that you are sleeping in so that the closeness is still there. This life changing event has Angela using social media to get the word out about sharing a bed with a baby. She claims that writing the warning was very difficult and that all she really wants is for other people to be made aware of the issue and the dangers associated with it. Since the solution to this problem is as simple as putting your child in a crib instead of your bed, Angela feels as though if speaking out saves one child’s life she has accomplished her task. She relives the worst mistake of her live to help others in a public forum.
ABC 8 News chronicles the events and the pain that is felt by the mother Angela and her husband Ryan in regards to Everitt James’ death. Toxicology tests are being performed to solidify the claims of the mother, Angela. Hearts are open and pour out to this family during their time of loss.

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