She Locks Her Dogs In The Garage. Watch What Happens When She Opens The Door…


This is really funny because it is a surprise and the dogs should be ecstatic and rampantly ready to find Easter eggs. Perhaps they had too much for breakfast. Eventually, all the dogs get into the living room and start opening Easter eggs. These are the thin plastic eggs that split apart in the middle. Think about using real eggs and the mess, especially with soft boiled eggs. Eight of the dogs have done this egg hunt once before. Jeni says she got the idea for an Easter egg hunt for her dogs from her sister. Most of the dogs have no problem getting to the dog treat inside the eggs. Then there is Romeo. Jeni has only had Romeo a short while. Romeo is a small black and white hairy little dog of unknown breed. Romeo just cannot quite get the idea that you have to open the egg to get to the treat. Romeo tries eating all the egg but is stopped by his owner. Eventually, Romeo gets the idea with a little egg opening from Jeni and takes his treat to the doggy bed for a relaxing snack and a snooze.

Likewise, Bruno a large newcomer to the pack has a bit of trouble figuring out what the eggs are all about. He tries to eat all of the egg but Jeni prevents that and Bruno gets into the spirit of the Easter egg hunt. The rest of the dogs are going crazy. The eggs are in tatters and the treats are gulped down in minutes. Bits of plastic egg shells litter the floor and the furniture. Jeni says she had the Easter egg hunt early because she was going way for Easter. Hopefully, she planned on time for cleaning up the results of the Easter egg hunt for dogs before she left.

The dogs are just funny. The dogs appear to know what is going to happen but the newcomers who never played this game before need a bit of training in Easter egg tech. Yes, an Easter egg hunt for dogs is a bit messy but it is a lot of fun and really funny to watch.

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