She Lives In Fear Of Her Husband – Until These Bikers Show Up And Do THIS


When you live with an abuser, no night is safe. Never can you rest easy. You never know where he will be or what will set him off. You and your children become the focus of his cruelty. You and your children are eternal victims. You live in a house of glass. The tiniest crack can bring it down around you and cut you to shreds. Even your “good days” are guarded. Your child goes to school with a burden of shame and fright that he is just not equipped to handle. A well-meaning parent, teacher or principal might make the comment, or state an observation that will insure a horrific night. There is no security and there is no happiness. There is no childhood.

The legal system does what it can. But the court orders, restraining orders and police reports cannot protect you from a fist. They cannot commit to your safety 24/7. Even when they do their after-the-fact damage control, they cannot keep them in jail forever. Sooner or later they will return. with a vengeance. You are reminded of that with every tear that falls down the face of your little child.

But there is help. There is an unlikely source of support and freedom ready to step into the void and make your child feel safe again. They are Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.I.C.A.) and though they may not look like angels, many people think they have earned the title This group of more than 3000, leather clad, long haired bikers have a moto: No child deserves to live in fear! They pledge 24/7 support. They form a cocoon around the child and they stick around until they feel safe. They will come to the child on their motorcycles in groups of around 15 bikers. They show a source of safety, no matter the situation. If the child is afraid to get off the bus, a biker is there to keep him safe. If he is afraid to ride the bus, a biker will pick them up, take them home and stay with them as long as it takes.

Each member of B.I.C.A. goes through an extensive background check. The group is committed to allowing kids to have a childhood. Some of the members were abused themselves as children. The child is their only concern.

For a kid that has been kicked around his entire life and felt that his own parents thought so little of him, that they hurt him and fail to keep him safe, watching 15 big bikers pull up in full gear on their motorcycles makes him feel pretty special. What they give to that child is priceless. They give him his youth. They give him his power back. They give him a sense of importance and they show them that there are good people in the world. Not everyone is an abuse. Some adults will stand up for you, all night long if need be.

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