She Jumped Onstage And Immediately Stole The Show – Keep Your Eyes On Her Feet


Audrey not only spread awareness about her condition, but she also graced everyone with her stage presence and displayed her abilities as a natural born star. She has already accomplished more by the age of six than any other child her age could possibly dream of. Hailing from Kentucky, Audrey accomplished two different objectives: spreading the word about DBA and rocking out.

Her family has chosen not to shelter Audrey from the outside world, instead they are traveling around the country to get the word out and raise money for a potential cure, so that other children are not forced to suffer in the same manner that Audrey has.

Like many other children her age, Audrey absolutely loves to dance and has always been a Zumba enthusiast. This is not the first video of hers to end up going viral and you can tell from her moves that she is definitely not a rookie when it comes to getting her Zumba time in each day.

Although her parents are quick to explain that Audrey is regularly tired out from dealing with her disease and often struggles to keep her energy level, you would never know it from watching this clip. Her positive attitude in the face of adversity is a true inspiration to all of us.

While her parents continue to hope that her presence will also inspire people to donate their money to the continued search for a cure, she continues to create a series of precious memories for viewers who take the time out to watch her clips. This little girl is a bonafide star and may she continue to light up stages everywhere!

This touching clip is certainly worth a watch and you should also be sure to share it with your friends, family members and social media pals. Post it to your Facebook wall, so that this video can continue to spread and awareness about DBA continues to increase.

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