She is just a curious little kitten, who discovers the weirdest balloons ever…


They say curiosity has killed a cat. I think they have found the best expression to put cat’s curiosity into words. Cats tend to be really curious about everything. They want to know everything, they want to touch everything, and they want to experience everything. I don’t just say that, but I say that because I also have some proof. The following video demonstrates everything that I just said. She is just a curious little kitten, who discovers the weirdest balloons ever. It is not her fault that the bowl full of these weird balloons is standing right in front of her. It is not her fault that she is a little to curious, and wants to know what are the balloons doing in that bowl.

I have to admit that water balloons have been a very popular prank for the last few years. Looks like the family of this little kitten knew that Kahn (the little kitten) would show some interest too, so they decided to trick him with the water balloons. As Kahn tires to explore the first water balloon, it explodes. He looks around for a few second. He can’t understand where did it go. Then he approaches to the next balloon. Same thing happens. Then Kahn gets tired of this game, it decides to leave the scene for better.

From that face expression at the end of this video, I could say that Kahn has not been impressed from his families invention. In the end the water balloon proves to be yet another unimpressive, silly human invention. This family has to either find new interesting ways to entertain Kahn, or they should stop pranking him with uninteresting, non-innovative ideas. This little kitten could be ruling the world from the window, instead of wasting her precious time with silly games. Don’t you guys think so?

Source: Ilovepaws

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