She Invited Her Sister To Her Ultrasound – Then They Both Get The Surprise Of Their Life!


A pregnant woman decides to invite her sister along for her ultrasound. This is commonly done for support, especially if the woman is to learn the sex of the child. This particular woman, and her sister, get quite a surprise in the video. The ultrasound video goes on for about two minutes, and the sister seems to be more excited and more thrilled to hear the news than the mom to be. At the very beginning of the video, you hear all of the common talk from the person conducting the ultrasound. They identify the heart rate, and all of the other details. The sister keeps squealing as the news is revealed, and it is hilarious. Just when you think her voice cannot get any higher, it gets higher! The ultrasound technician then reveals that there are twins. This is when the sister flips out. She says that she thought she saw two heads, and actually asks for one. She says that she is jealous, and then so happy.

The mom to be looks mortified at first, and then just start laughing at her sister’s reactions. At first, you cannot actually see whether the mom to be is excited or not. The sister is excited enough for the both of them, and this is really what matters. Everyone should have a sister like this that gets so excited during an ultrasound. She is going to be an aunt, and you can already tell that the kids are going to love her.

The video is obviously being filmed by the dad, because at one point, the sister turns and says “congratulations”. She seems to be the one who is doing all of the jumping around and being excited that there are twins. The parents are probably being more realistic, wondering how they are going to manage having two babies. However, the aunt isn’t fazed by the news at all. She is so excited to have a niece or nephew, and now there is someone else to love. She will happily step in at any time in order to provide help. The mom who is getting the ultrasound seems exhausted by the news. While she does seem excited, it’s not nearly as much excitement as her sister. The sister looks more thrilled to be involved in this breaking news than anything else in the world. What would you do if you brought your sister or a friend that got this excited during your ultrasound? How would you react to hearing about twins?

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