She Ignored Her Leg Pain And Almost Died!


On July 4th, 2015, a Florida woman was celebrating the holiday with her friends and family. July 4th is supposed to be a time of celebration, not a time of near death. However, a Florida woman named Heather Charlebois almost learned the hard way not to ignore random leg pain. While celebrating with her family and friends during a night of live music and a fireworks display, she was struck by a very painful, stinging feeling in her thigh. She initially thought someone had pulled a prank on her, perhaps slapping her too hard or something of the sort. However, she thought it odd that she did not remember anything of the sort happening. Yet, the pain would not let up.

Later, she would go to the restroom, and to her shock, she found a puncture wound in her upper thigh. Because she was not really bleeding that much, she assumed that she had been hit by a stray firework. The pain did not let up, but she did not think it was too dangerous; after all, she had never heard of anyone being injured in this way. However, she discovered it was much more serious when she went to the hospital 4 days later for medical attention. Thankfully, friends and family members kept nagging her to go to the hospital, because they thought the wound looked much more serious than something caused by a mere firework.

The doctor informed her that she had been hit by a bullet. No one knows how the .38 caliber bullet became lodged in the woman’s thigh, as she was certainly not the target of an attack. Local police suspect that the injury was caused by someone firing a gun into the sky. They assume that the bullet just happened to strike Heather Charlebois in her thigh on its way back down to the ground. Although this was a total accident, it almost ended Charlebois’s life.

Unfortunately, the surgeon could not operate – the bullet was a mere 4 centimeters from the woman’s femoral artery. However, with caution, the bullet could heal and not cause Charlebois further trouble. Thankfully, the mother of four avoided almost certain death, as any further injury or the bullet striking just a few centimeters closer could have caused fatal internal bleeding. The accident could have turned out a lot more tragic, but fortunately, a guardian angel was watching over her. The mother of four recognizes how truly fortunate she is, and thanks her lucky stars and stripes that things did not turn out any worse.

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