She Got News Dad Died. But Watch What Happens When She Walks In His House


This commercial is centered at the live of an old man who lives alone. He has many children, but they all live abroad, and for a while now he has been celebrating Christmas alone. His children always have something better to do than going home for holidays. To him Christmas now is just a holiday whom he celebrates alone. While seeing the old man, cooking, and eating the meal all by himself it makes me sad. Can you believe how many people actually celebrate Christmas in the same exact way? How could that be fair? I totally understand if your parents live in another country, and you can’t afford the traveling expenses to be with them, but when money isn’t an issue, then it all comes from negligence.

What this old man does to get all his family together for Christmas is really sad, and I will let you find that out on your own. All I can say is that people sometimes don’t really value the things that they have. We are really blind to see that the best things in life come for free, and we should never give up on them. Love is all we need, and if we don’t love our family, then we can as well turn to stones. At leas this is how I feel. So after watching the commercial, think twice about your holiday plans. We all should barry in mind that during Christmas is always TIME TO COME HOME!

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