She Goes Out To Feed The Deer Every Day, And You Won’t BELIEVE What You’re Seeing!


In winter, snow covers up the land and bitter cold grips all creatures making it difficult for them to hunt for food. This harsh weather condition does not spare the deer. Even though, they have several adaptation mechanisms like; drawing from their fat reserve, etc., but are they even allowed to unleash this feature entirely in this period?
Cheyenne, a woman, who lives in a snowy neighborhood with a high population of deer, takes it upon herself every winter to feed the deer at dinner time. In the video, Cheyenne is seen carrying a bucket of grains meant for deer consumption. From the bucket, she pours out food for the animals as they gather to be fed. She lifts the bucket of grain closer to the mouth of the deer in some instances and spends time feeding them. She carries out this act meticulously, so gently that you can see that she understands what these creatures are going through and the need to take care of them. Her actions have left some of the animals hooked. So much so, that once winter comes, they come back whenever she calls out to them. Some of them have been coming back for years because they know that a kind soul will cater to their needs.

Also, whenever she calls them to her they respond, but if a stranger is present, they tend to be unfriendly and keep their distance. Once a person gains the trust of any animal, they will always be at the individual’s beck and call. Cheyenne has achieved this through her simple kindness. She even named some of them and can pick them out in a crowd.

Cheyenne’s husband who uploaded this video confirms that Cheyenne’s kindness extends to other animals and not just the deer; she also extends it to Bucks, and they have two Bucks “that will come up and eat out of the window like a drive thru.”

To these animals, Cheyenne has won them over. It is in the DNA of deer to run away from humans but how Cheyenne has managed to keep them close to her is amazing. From Cheyenne’s actions towards these animals, it is hoped that humans begin to take care of animals and help care for them.

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