She Enters The Arena. Once She Removed Her Cape – Everyone Was Spellbound


This video is not only amazing, it is also cute and heartwarming to see the connection Laura has to her horse. You hear the crowd go wild as she performs this amazing routine. It’s definitely original and not something you see every day. The amount of time she must have put into this, was worth it. This performance won her the World Freestyle Title. Seeing a horse and a girl have a close connection like this, is something you wouldn’t expect to see in real life. It is almost like a story from a fairytale!

Watching this video will put a smile on your face. We see a close relationship between a woman and a horse and it’s like the most amazing relationship you can see. You will want to watch this video over and over again. It is a video that shows us how smart animals are and how fun they can really be!

Did you enjoy this video? Do you agree that this routine brings a fresh new perspective for this soon to be classic song? You will want to share this with friends and family! They will love seeing this video and will more than likely watch it more than once.

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