She Dropped Her Paralyzed Dog Off At The Vet. When She Returns… Disbelief!


The woman throws her hand to her mouth and starts laughing and crying at the same time when Sammi walks up to her. She was not expecting this at all. Stunned disbelief does not even come close to what this lady is experiencing. The woman is so taken aback that she drops her purse. The nurse and doctor are all cheering and celebrating as the lady kneels down to hug Sammi. She covers her eyes again in true shock. The dog loves on his owner and licks her in welcome. By this time the lady has tears streaming down her face and is still just overcome with the fact that her dog that had been paralyzed for three years is now walking and frolicking like she never expected to see again.

The lady finally gets to a point where she can speak and of course the first words out of her mouth are “I can’t believe it.” One of the nurses urges Sammi to show his owner how good he can walk and a male voice, possibly a vet, says look “He is walking.” The nurse tells the lady that they cannot get Sammi to lie down now. The lady just cannot touch the dog enough. The reality needs to be felt. The lady thanks the doctor and nurses profusely while she is on her knees. The staff all responds that it was their pleasure. The woman hugs all the staff in thanks for their work that returned her dog to her in completely restored condition.

Nice little miracles like these probably happen every day. Sammi being able to walk is not really any miracle but it is the work of people that know how to heal animals.

Getting you beloved pet back just like they had never been sick or hurt is the same feeling you experience when your child gets well after being sick or hurt. Sammi’s owner is just so stunned and happy that you cannot help but feel like celebrating with her and the staff of the animal hospital.

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