She Dresses Her Dog In A Cute Costume. The Reason? I’m In LOVE With This Dog!!!


This woman in this video really loves her dog and has him dressed up in a dog costume. Watching this video is so much fun you have to see it. This is one of the coolest dogs you will ever see and it is called a “Teddy Bear Dog”. His name is Munchkin and he has so much fun playing in his backyard. You will be lol when you see this cute dog dressed up as a “Star Wars” character the “Ewok”.

In the movie “Ewoks” lived in the forest of the moon and this little guy looks just like one. These bear-like creatures are so fun to watch in this movie played by this dog named Munchkin. These dogs are very cute looking dogs so tune into this video to see what you think. Munchkin is so popular that he has his own social media accounts.

You have to tune into this video and you will get such a kick out of it. This little Teddy Bear dog is really cool looking and you have to see his “Ewok”costume. This costume really makes this dog look like one of those “Star Wars” Characters you have to see it to believe it. You will be laughing so hard as you see him running out of the woods with his stick.

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