She Cuts The Sleeves Off An Old T-Shirt And Turns It Into THIS, I Can’t Wait To Make One!


No matter your age, title or occupation, DIY (or do it yourself) projects probably make you curious. The idea of doing things ourselves typically excites us and gets our creative juices flowing. Here’s a video of a particularly creative young woman who uses an old, used up t-shirt to create a hip and fun bag that she made herself in no more than 10 minutes. Look at that, you just saved yourself the money you would have spent on that handbag, and we all know these days those can break the bank!

Do you or a family member have an old T-shirt lying around? Pick your favorite one and follow the steps. If you want to get even more creative, use the bag to hold different household items around your house. Re-vamp your cleaning closet with yellow and blue T-shirt turned bags to not only organize the space but make it look great. You could even use color coordinated t-shirts-to-bags to match your decor and overall feeling of your house. Summer can be long and boring for the most of us, but the children that are used to constant socializing and activities with their friends at school typically find themselves staring at TV screens and scrounging for ways to entertain themselves. Have your children choose t-shirts to re-enact this awesome DIY project! I’m sure your daughter would love a new purse, and you don’t have to spend a dime! Have them invite their friends over for a craft fun sleepover.

We do encourage you to think about the use of the bag before you start cutting, twisting and tying your T-shirt. If you carry around a heavy wallet, lots of makeup supplies, a pack of gum and a couple perfumes makes sure to use a T-shirt made out of a thicker fabric so it can withstand the heavy objects. We also have some awesome, creative ideas you could try too! This bag would be adorable if you plan on having a day at the beach soon. Find any extra large T-shirt to make a bigger, more swim-day suited bag. Follow the same steps in the video, pack a towel and sport your swimsuit for a day of lounging and water fun! Your daughter is sick of old school, boring backpacks? Find the thickest T-shirt you can and repurpose it into the coolest book bag any girl in the third grade will ever have! Maybe your son needs an overnight bag and you don’t have time to run to the store before he’s off to his friends. Takes his old favorite Spider-Man tee that no longer fits him and make him a bag he will never outgrow!

Let us know in the comments if you tried it and how it turned out, or if you had another creative idea to use this bag for, let us know! We love and look forward to hearing your ideas!

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