She Cuts Four Slits Into A Marshmallow. What She Showed Us Next? All Our Kids Freaked Out!


Watch the baker take a standard marshmallow. She then slices it four times. The petals are shaped and placed. She then cuts the bottom off of a second marshmallow and rolls it into a tube shape. She tears it and places it in the center of the flower. A spray of cake color and place the flower in the center of a cupcake and in less than 3 minutes, with two simple ingredients, she has a bakery worthy pastry! This is amazing. Another idea is to allow children to make their own cupcake decorations, which are cute, fun and taste great. A few cans of color and some imagination will make a huge variety. Adding cake sugars, candies, cake pearls and sprinkles will add color, texture and fun to the party.

For younger children, just use marshmallows that are pre colored. They can be standard marshmallows or mini-marshmallows. If you want to arrange a marshmallow flower tray, use cookies instead of cupcakes. A dab of icing in the center of a cookie will help hold the marshmallow flower into place. Or, ice the cookies and sprinkle them with colored sugars before adding the marshmallow flowers then arrange the cookies on a pretty tray. A yummy and creative centerpiece is ready to serve!

Use the same procedure to make pretty leaves for your flower trays. When the marshmallow is cut and the four petals are formed, cut through the center, into two pieces. This gives you two petals of two leaves. Shape and color green and you now have two sets of leaves to place between the flowers on your tray. Green cake sugar adds sparkle and is very pretty.

If you want variation, change the swirl center piece to a colored candy such as an M & M. The choices are endless. Go from elegant and classy to fun and funky. Use your cleverness and fun side to create something everyone will be talking about. One thing is guaranteed, people will think you are a genius and the party will be a big hit! These treats are so good, they are sure to be gobbled up. Have fun with it, and don’t forget to share!

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