She Covered Her Fingernails With Glue. What It Did For Her Manicure Surprises Everyone.


Take an empty nail polish bottle that has been cleaned and rinsed with acetone (nail polish remover). Fill the bottle 2/3 of the way full with Elmer’s glue (any school glue will work) Add 1/3 water and shake well. Simply pain the nail base on your nails. Allow the glue to dry. The glue will be almost clear when it is dry. Now use regular nail polish to polish the nails, painting over the glue. Allow the nail polish to dry. You may use regular nail polish or glitter nail polish. When you are ready to remove your polish, simply begin at the top of the nail and roll the polish down. The glue base coat peels away cleanly with no chemicals. You can also use this base coat on the skin around the nail you are paining. When the nail is painted simply peel off the glue from the skin; leaving the nail perfectly painted. This is a wonderful tool if you are applying bright or very dark colors.

You may use your own empty nail polish bottles and recycle them to make your base coat or you can buy empty bottles on line. By putting a label on the bottle and combining with a polish and emery board, you can make a cute and inexpensive gift. Simply tie a ribbon around the three items and drop in a small gift bag. There are several reasons why one would want to use the glue base coat. First, if you like to change your colors often, nail polish remover can be an irritant to the skin and it can dry out the nails. If you want to change your nail color based on the choice of clothes you are wearing, you want a fast and easy way to remove polish.

This procedure is meant for short term wear. Your nail polish will last about two days. If you have very oily skin, it could come off more often than that. It will not come off in water, so wash as normal.

Nothing looks worse than someone whose nail polish is chipping and peeling and the wearer doesn’t remove it. Usually this is because of time. With the glue base, it is easy to remove the old polish anywhere you are!

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