She Brings Her Blind Pug To Work – Everyone Bursts Out Laughing When He Does THIS


The Michigan Humane Society was not sure if they could find a loving home for a dog with this extensive medical problem. In 2014 Mikey was rescued from a poor situation and was discovered to have severe and painful glaucoma as well as mange. The decision was made to remove his eyes to save him from a life of pain and additional medical issues. After making a few calls, they were able to foster him through Michigan Pug Rescue. Enter the Judge. Sabrina was contacted to fill out adoption papers and schedule a meet and greet. It wasn’t long after that transfer to MPR that the judge and pug met. Judge Johnson fell in love and adopted the little guy despite his medical difficulties.

Judge Johnson took Mikey home in March of 2015 and they quickly became inseparable. The first few days he was led around home on a leash to become familiar with his surroundings. It wasn’t long before this sweet little guy was navigating the house on his own. Soon after that the judge decided to bring him with her to work. Once again, Mikey quickly familiarized himself with the new territory and became a friend to everyone. The courtroom is home to Mikey, and it wasn’t long before he was capable of going up and down the stairs in his “new office” and navigates without running into things. He makes friends with everyone that walks into the judge’s chambers. Judge Sabrina states that even the biggest and toughest of the police officers have fallen for Mikey and have been known to get down on their hands and knees to play and cuddle with him. Most of his visitors are not even aware he is blind.

Not only does Mikey lift the spirits of everyone who comes around, he likes to entertain them as well. It seems the loquacious pug performs musical duets with the judge as well as solo performances. Judge Sabrina jokes that they should get him a cup. The pug would probably make a killing with his entertainment talents and infectious smile.

We all know that the judge gets the final word in most cases. The case of the pampered pug is no different. According the Judge Johnson, “I got him from rescue but he really rescued me.”

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