She Begged Dad For A Puppy. Watch How The Puppies Convinced Him To Say Yes


When is the last time you encountered a litter of puppies, kittens or other pets that captured your heart? This man experiences just that as these Golden Retriever puppies take him hostage! Nearly 6 puppies crowd around and push for his attention.

The man fell in love with these little balls of joy when he decided to take his daughter to purchase a puppy at a local seller. Never did he expect it might turn out like this! We wonder how he fought the temptation to buy them all! Talk about retrieving a retriever!

Over two thirds of American households have pets. This number has grown dramatically since the 1980’s, when most were at a smaller 56%. Studies have shown that people with household pets are much happier and healthier. It should come as no surprise then than more than 1 million Americans have put their dog as the main beneficiary of their will! Wow!

Golden Retrievers were voted third most popular breed by American Kennel Club last year. We can’t help but love them for their cute and cuddliness, as well as their ability to protect our families.

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