She Attempts To Wake Her Puppy Up. His Reaction Stole My Heart. Aww!


Every child no matter human or puppy hates to wake up when called. Now if they wake up on their own it is a different story, but waking them up when you want them to. They fuss and moan and beg for just a few minutes more.

This cute little puppy is no different, he fights to stay in his soft warm bed. He is snuggled in the warmth created by his body the soft down material cuddles him in a safe and comfortable sleep. He slowly rolls away from the gentle intrusion that tries to wake him to begin his day. Rolling and moaning to protest the into his attempts to rouse him from slumber.

His attempts to ignore and evade the gentle shakes are so amusing they will bring a smile to your face. Just as human he rolls over and tries to return to the world of sleepy time. Rolling on his side to try to return to sleep and ignore the tickling and rubbing of his master he reminds us of a child trying to pull the covers back over his face and block out the intrusion.

He fights to keep his eyes closed and it seems he refuses to focus his view to see just who it is who is trying to wake him up. As he reaches up with his paws to stop the hand trying to pull him from sleep he puts us to mind of a child blocking out the light and forcing his eyes to open.

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