She Asked Him If He Liked His New Toy. His Response? Prepare to SMILE!!


Watch this cute video of Charlie to see his authentic smile. His nice white toothy smile is a real treat. Some dogs look kind of like they are smiling but Charlie is the king of smiles. See this video as Charlie smiles for the camera like a real pro. He is Hollywood all the way. Charlie the dog seems to really understand why he is smiling. He is so happy to get a new squeak toy. Listen to this toy squeak and see all the joy in Charlie’s beautiful puppy smile. The black puppy gets a big squeak toy bone and is he ever happy! The smiling pup is sure a treat to watch as he gets this new oversized bone for his very own. You have seen dogs smile before but this dog looks very genuine. Charlie’s big white smile will bring you plenty of happiness. The little white dog says cheese and is such a cool dog.
Charlie must really love this toy because he flashes his pearly white teeth. Charlie is so happy with his new toy and a fun squeaky one at that! This little dog is one happy camper as he flashes his great smile. Charlie will bring a smile to your face as you watch him charm the camera man. This seems to be a genuine smile by Charlie as you watch this short little video. Charlie is such a delight as you watch him in this video grinning from ear to ear as he gets his new toy. This short sweet video will bring a smile to your face! Watch this video and pass it along.

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