She Always Wanted A Horse – When That Day Comes, Dad Wasn’t Prepared For What Horse Would Do


Watch this video to see how this little eleven-year old girl dreamed of owning a horse and then willed it to win. Breana Carsey dreamed of having a horse all her life and kept bugging her dad to get one even though they had no farm or pasture for it. Her dad who she has wrapped around her fingers finally gave in and bought her a horse.

You have to watch this cute story as she somehow convinces her dad to buy her one to fulfill her lifelong dream. You have to see what ends up happening in this story as she takes a horse that is a runt and wants to enter him in racing. The horse is so small and is not considered to race at all. Breana names him “MJB Got Faith” after her siblings and the faith part is her recurring will to have this horse race someday.

You have to see this video of how this runt of a horse overcomes every obstacle to become a winning racehorse in Ohio. The type of racing done in this part of the country is harness racing and you won’t believe what ends up happening. At one point the dad can’t really even afford to keep the horse but keeps telling his daughter he just can’t race.

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