Seeing This Is Amazing But Turn Your Volume Up Because… Oh. My. Goodness.


This is one of the cutest pet videos out there right now – and part of it’s because you don’t get to see a porcupine very often, especially not as someone’s pet. The other part is because his name is Teddy and he’s just an amazing little guy. You seriously don’t want to be without the sound on this video and you’re going to watch it again and again just because there’s so much cuteness within this video.

Turn up your speakers and get ready to watch this video. You will never look at corn on the cob the same again because you will think about the cute sounds he makes and how he is able to turn it around and around in his claws.

Have you ever seen a porcupine as a pet? Probably not one as cute as Teddy! This is not the kind of video you can watch and forget. It’s time to share the love and put it out on Facebook so your friends and family can comment on this little guy, too. Who knows, maybe Santa will bring you a porcupine and you can bring him some corn on the cob.

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