Dog With A Heart Of Gold Risks Life Every Night For Her Friends


Lilica is a kind and gentle, copper-colored dog who lives in a junkyard in the city of San Carlos, Sao Paulo Inland, Brazil. She is a companion to the owner of the junkyard, a joy to the children who cross her path—and a friend to anyone in need.

Years ago, Lilica was abandoned in front of the junkyard, and found shelter and companionship with the people that she met there. She was not the only animal or even the only dog living in the junkyard, although she may well have become the favorite. She shared the junkyard with a number of other dogs, cats, chickens, and other animals that had found shelter there as well.

It turned out, Lilica had found a reliable place to get food. She had an unspoken agreement with an animal-loving teacher. Every night for more than three years, the teacher packed a sack of food and carried it with her down the road to wait for Lilica. She always went at the same time, at nine o’clock in the evening, and Lilica always met her.

Lilica is so much more than a companion and a joy to the people with whom she comes in contact. She is a provider, a hero, to those in need around her. We can all learn from her dedication and self-sacrifice.

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