See The Clydesdales Lining Up? What They Do Is STUNNING.


It is amazing to see the evolution of these horses take place over the course of several years. From the grainy footage of yesteryear, to the high definition camera shots we’ve become accustomed to in modern society, the Budweiser Clydesdales represent the finest in American tradition. The horses in this video are capable of amazing feats of strength and agility. Watching the Clydesdales run, jump, play and carry large objects in their teeth is awe inspiring. Even something as simple as watching one of Clydesdales munch on some grub provides several moments of laughter and amazement.bThe ability of the Clydesdales to synchronize their movements and work as a team should put the rest of us to shame. These beautiful creatures have learned how to coexist as a team and should be commended for this fact. Their trainers also deserve kudos for being able to corral these animals and treat them with the tender, loving care that they so richly deserve.

The Clydesdales do not train themselves and these hard working men and women should be given a lion’s share of the credit for providing the world with great Super Bowl commercials that deliver many chuckles, while also tugging on our collective heart strings. Quiet dignity is a quality that these horses have in spades, as even the simplest of acts are imbued with a sort of silent majesty. Whether they are consuming hay, playing with one another, or receiving a fresh pile of snow, the horses in this collection of clips live every moment with class, grace and poise.

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