Scared And Matted Beyond Recognition – But Just Wait Until You See Her Now


Hope For Paws has an impeccable track record when it comes to rescuing animals who are in desperate need. When they receive a call, they immediately spring into action and any viewer with even a passing familiarity with animal rescue videos is probably aware of all the great work that they do for animals who have been mistreated, neglected and essentially left to die.

No living creature deserves to die all alone in the street, especially not one who is as adorable as this poodle. So when Hope For Paws got this particular call, they were more than happy to come to the aid of this poor, pitiful animal. She was roaming the streets of Los Angeles, with no forever home to call her own.

The animal’s fur had become so dirty and matted down, she barely resembled a dog at all. All it took was one look at this dog to know that she desperately needed help. The poodle had developed a healthy skepticism towards humans and did not even seem all that receptive to the help Hope For Paws was trying to offer, hiding behind an electrical box when they came near.

Eldad, one of Hope For Paws’ dedicated workers, knew that once the dog could be calmed down, it would be very easy to coax into a safe place. He and another Hope For Paws staffer spoke to the dog in soothing tones, attempting to gain her trust. While it was not easy to tell the dog’s gender through the matted fur, once the rescue team was able to talk her down, they found out that she was a girl and gave her a new name: Dolly.

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