Roscoe The Pit Bull Suffered From Deformity, Now See What He’s Doing!


Roscoe is the name of the pit bull in this article. They call him the star of the Asheville Humane Society. There is a huge reason why they call him such. Roscoe was born with some problems in his front legs. He used to suffer from deformity; therefore it was almost impossible for him to walk. After a long time of struggle, finally a great surprise was given to him. Some wonderful people at the Humane Society thought that Roscoe was a great dog that deserved the best out of live. That is why they wanted to make him a very special present for the holidays this year: new legs!

Roscoe had to go under a surgery that was going to fix all the ligaments and problems in his wrist. Once these problems got fixed, then it will be only a matter of time until this gorgeous dog walks normally just like any other dog. So after the surgery Roscoe tried his “new legs” and looked like they worked perfectly. In the video below you will see the pit bull trying to walk normally, and I would say that he looks in a pretty good shape. We have to keep in mind that the recovery takes a little bit of time, and once he is fully recovered, he will have the chance to walk just like normal dogs do.

In the video taken after the surgery you will be able to notice that this dog is really happy, and grateful for his people. They gave him the chance to walk again, and nothing could make him happier. The smile that this dog has on its face, is the biggest smile I have seen lately. That means that dogs like Roscoe who never give up on their life, will always have a second chance, and a reason to smile in the end. As for now we wish Roscoe to feel better, and a fast recovery. We can’t wait to see other videos of him running, and playing just like any other dog!

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