Rescued From A Puppy Mill, WHO He Befriends Stole Everyone’s Heart


Watch this video and you will see the cutest little dog. He is about the size of a kitten. Maybe he thinks he is a kitten because he befriends a grey and white little kitty named Chompers. His name is Ruggles and that is such a cool name. Ruggles is the cutest little Shih Tzu puppy you have ever seen. When you watch this short video it is easy to see why everybody at the Cherokee County animal shelter fell in love with little Ruggles. He was rescued from a puppy mill and had some serious health concerns. Ruggles is doing fine now.
His little kitten friend Chompers helps bring Ruggles out of his shell. You have to see this video and cute little Ruggles the Shih Tzu. Watch as they look like two peas in a pod. Chompers was found under a house porch so they both come from the mean streets.

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