Rescued Dog Carefully Tucks In Sleeping Baby


Following the birth of their baby Summer, her owners noticed that she was as affectionate to the new addition as she was toward them. Dogs are fiercely protective of their families, and will often protect children as if they are their own puppies. Ashlie is an especially protective and devoted dog, following her human mother throughout their home so that she too can keep an eye on precious three-week old Summer. One day, Ms. Whelan managed to capture the beautiful devotion that Ashlie has for her family.

You’d have to see it to believe it, but the Whelans’ dog tucks in their new baby as if it were her own! Baby Summer is peacefully napping, but Ashlie wants to make sure she is as comfortable as possible. Using her nose and paws, she gently tugs at the blanket, tucking in her new friend so that she stays warm and snug. The little black dog is careful not to disturb her sleeping pal as she carefully pulls the blanket over Summer’s tiny shoulders.

Charming Ashlie pays close attention to detail, meticulously pulling at the edges of the blanket until it completely covers the baby. Have you ever seen anything cuter? Summer snores quietly, blissfully snuggled in her warm blanket, as her fuzzy friend watches over her. You can really sense just how much this playful pooch loves her new sister!

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