Rescue Kitten Raised By Her 6 Ferret Older Brothers


This is a wonderful tale of a sick, starving and abandoned kitten being found by some humans and taken home to their family. No not a human family but a family of six, young ferret brothers. The kitten was gladly welcomed by the ferrets and she was adopted immediately.

Meet Komari. At five weeks, she was found abandoned and all alone. Looking hungry and sickly, she needed a new home.

Generally, animals will stick with their own kind, cows with cows, pigs with pigs and so on but there are always exceptions to the rule in nature and when it comes to loving and caring, the rule book is thrown out the window – or ferret pen.

Her human rescuers did just that, and took her home and nursed her back to health. Little did Komari know, that the family had six ferret big brothers ready to meet her! After proper introduction, Komari fit right in and her new brothers welcomed her with open paws.

There are hundreds of stories of animals befriending creatures that one would never think was possible and in fact if we intervened at all – it would never happen. But animals have an instinct when another animal is in need, be it hunger, loneliness and even illness. Humans are not excluded in this which is why our blind gladly accept the help of seeing-eye dogs!

They love to cuddle and play with each other!

Animals are so easily trained to assist others for a very simply reason – they are receptive to the needs in others and are willing to put their lives on the line for their friends.

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Komari, the kitten, was only five weeks old and was in desperate need of help. The humans already had six small ferrets but they had no fear of them hurting Komari. She was put into the pen with them and she became an honorary ferret!

They also like to have dinner together.

The humans helped nurse the kitten back to health but it was the ferrets that nurtured their new sister and taught her the fundamentals of how to care for others.

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They did everything together from eating meals to romping and cuddling and even washing each other. They became inseparable and even when ‘the kitten’ grew bigger than the ferrets; they still considered her, their little sister.

But her ferret brothers are still very protective of her.

Being naturally inquisitive and highly intelligent, ferrets will get up to all sorts of mischief, stealing shoes and keys and generally creating havoc. I am sure Komari learned all sorts of ways to have fun.

Komari became the not-so-little sister as time went on.

Being the same color, it was sometime difficult to tell who the cat was and who the ferret, particularly when they were all curled up in the pen – fast asleep until Komari became twice their size. The boys remained protective of Komari even though she was more than capable of protecting them.

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They had all found their ‘forever’ family and Komari and boys will remain inseparable for the rest of their lives. There is no doubt that with such big hearts, there will be other adoptees along the way.

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