Rescue Dogs See The Outdoors For The First Time. Their Reactions? I Can’t Stop Smiling!!


Laboratories all across the country are established with the objective of breeding dogs and keeping them indoors for the entirety of their lives. Many of the dogs who live in these facilities have never even seen the outdoors, which is a realization that is too sad to even consider.

The dogs in these labs are treated poorly and never even given the opportunity to run around outside on fresh grass. The Beagle Freedom Project has decided to put a stop to this inhumane treatment of innocent animals, providing them with a way out of their struggle filled lives.

This past summer, the The Beagle Freedom Project was able to rescue an astounding 38 beagles from lives that were full of neglect, misery and mistreatment. It will certainly warm your heart to see all of these adorable dogs find the homes they deserve and start new lives with people who will love them dearly.

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