Rare White Lion Is Missing Tooth. When I Saw The Inside Of His Mouth, I Was Astonished


The images of the procedure itself aren’t pleasant at all, but the final result certainly is. Fixodent didn’t just have to take care of the two canines Aslan had lost, they had to operate on four of his teeth in order for Aslan’s situation to improve and to give this lion his bite back.

They did it, and they removed Aslan’s pain. When he got back to the other lions, they were clearly happy to see him and happy to see that he was happy as well. Aslan no longer has to deal with the pain and, most importantly, Aslan can now hunt and feed properly without having to worry about the lack of power in his bite.

Fixodent didn’t just give him a dental procedure to take care of his bite. Fixodent gave Alsan confidence and comfort in his life and now, he is able to live life to its fullest as a lion, the king of the jungle.

Needless to say, Aslan’s caretaker was more than happy to see that he was happy and confident from that point on.

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