Pygmy Goat Tries To Play With This Tiny Puppy. Now Watch What The Dog Does…


There are times in life that you meet that certain someone that becomes your lifelong friend even though you may not seem to be the same sex, gender, or even specie. The same can be said for these lovable two animals, Pipsqueak and Snowflake. Pipsqueak is a pygmy goat that joined a farm full of animals, some big and some small but Pipsqueak became very fond of a fluffy and loveable puppy named Snowflake. Snowflake wasn’t exactly sure what to make of Pipsqueak at first but once they got to know each other you could not tear them apart.
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Pipsqueak and Snowflake played all over the farm, they chased each other, pounced on each, and shared toys with each other just like what little kids would do. After a while Snowflake introduced Pipsqueak to her brothers and sisters. At first they weren’t really sure about Pipsqueak but Snowflake soon convinced her brothers and sisters that Pipsqueak was a safe friend to play with and that they had nothing to worry about. Soon after that Pipsqueak, Snowflake, and her brothers and sisters all became great friends and played all over the farm for the rest of their lives.

The morel of this little story is that no matter different you may be from someone else whether if it’s a different race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or even different religion or beliefs. Society needs to stop putting labels on individuals and accept everyone. Life is way too short to judge or put labels on individuals. If these two loveable animals can show kindness and love to each other and others to see their ways and show the same love then humans should be able to do the same thing. The video with this article shows Pipsqueak and Snowflake with her brothers and sisters playing with each other and becoming great friends even though they are not the same. Please watch this video of these loveable animals at play and share it with your friends and family.

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