This Puppy Is In The middle Of A Nightmare. But Watch What Happens When His Brother Finds Out…


This is a video you absolutely have to WATCH. Do you see how Scooby Doo gets into his nightmare and then lets out a squeal without ever fully waking?

Pretty Boy springs into action without a moment’s thought to ensure that he is able to comfort his brother. He doesn’t actually get up and this is why you have to watch the video. How he approaches his brother is what is so adorable. Some dogs would get up and walk over there to comfort the brother or even wake up the other two sleeping dogs to get some support.

Nope, not this dog, as you can see in the adorable video, he almost worms his way over. It’s like he wants to still get his sleep and so he wants to stay as comfortable as possible. He wiggles himself onto the other dog to stop the nightmares from happening.

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