Pug Pups Portray Precious Preponderance Of Cuteness


All lined up, these cuddly newborn pugs could be the very definition of “adorable,” because when you look at them, all you do is adore them. Those little tummies are jutting out as if maybe they just had their feeding, and now they are certainly settling in for a nap. Who is the better blanket, your sister or brother, or that piece of cloth?

One begins a little wiggle, and it becomes contagious. Small wiggles eventually lead to the tongue plopping out. When little sister sticks out her tongue, it apparently gets stuck in that position!

Feetsies and handsies are all a-twitching because these kids are first getting to know their appendages. A few times the pugsters stretch their legs, and due to the strength of the stretch, it makes their leggies pop up a bit.

The beautiful velvety brown-gray fur is soft on their tummies. We really hate to let them sleep, but alas, we must. These little pug faces will grow into those familiar wrinkly, short-muzzled ones we all know and love. Now, the colors may change or develop from puppyhood. They may be fawn, or black, apricot fawn, or silver fawn, but we know they will have well-developed muscles. As we witnessed in our six little angels, pugs love to sleep and spend a good deal of time napping. Besides that though, they do crave affection and attention. When we see the pug tummies, we must be aware that the sedentary nature of their personality may lead to weight gain, so get your pug pups out of their napping habits to exercise.

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