Pit Bull Showers Rescuers With Kisses After Being Saved From Giant Trash Pile. Please Share His Rescue Video.


The dog is at least two years old and is more or less fully grown. In the time the dog has spent hiding in the recycling plant he has become much more of an expert in negotiating the slippery mountains of metal and debris than his rescuers are. The rescuers failed to catch Thor on the first day but they succeeded in putting a leash on Thor on the second day with the help of the crew and management at the reclamation center. Thor gets scared and runs into the streets of the recycling center to escape from the people that are trying to help him. The dog ran into a fenced area where Hagar was able to finally get a leash on him. Kind words and patience finally convince Thor that the people mean him no harm. He barks and threatens but finally relents and lets the people take him “home” to their animal shelter.

Thor had obviously been well acquainted with people because he understood the command to sit from Hagar and sat so Hagar could get a leash on him after 30 minutes of barking and patient approach by Hagar. Once Hagar has a leash on Thor, the dog calms down and his rescuers can pet him to reassure him that he is now in safe friendly hands. Thor knows how to behave with a leash and obviously has traveled in a car before. Thor might have gotten lost from his family. After a bath and some food at the animal shelter, the once angry and threatened Thor licks and smooches everyone involved in rescuing him to show his appreciation for their effort and determination to save a lost and abandoned dog from almost certain death. Thor is available for adoption.

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