Perfect Eyeliner Every Time – A Pro Shows You How


Women have been fussing and frustrated with applying eyeliner for the last 10,000 years. That is right. Eyeliner has gone in and out of fashion for the last ten centuries and women still have the same problems getting their eyeliner right every time. Keeping the eyeliner out of your eyes is the most important problem but getting your eyeliner to look great every time is what most women that use eyeliner really want. Experts from Goss Makeup have developed the perfect way to apply eyeliner and get it right every time so you look great and exotic and keep your eyes from being harmed. First of all, you have to except that practice with eyeliner application makes perfect just like any other skill. This is a learned skill that anyone can master but you have to have the patience to see your mistakes and use the following directions to correct those mistakes. The equipment that is indispensable in applying eyeliner perfectly every time is a really good pair of eyelash curlers and really good eyeliner. The experts suggest that you start with cold eyeliner and work your way up to the more modern gel products. Cold eyeliner means a pencil or brush. Warm the tip of the eyeliner pencil. Usually the back of your hand will provide enough heat. Draw a line of eyeliner across the upper part of the curve of your eyelash curlers. The line of eyeliner does not have to be extremely thick. The line of eyeliner that you put on the upper curve of the eyelash curler should be as straight as you can make it. You should be able to see the color on the eyelash curler. The more color means the more eyeliner will be applied. The trick is getting the right amount on the eyelash curler. Lift your eyebrow up with the hand you use the least. Use your left hand for lifting your eyebrow and your right hand for using the eyelash curler to apply the eyeliner if you are right handed. You lift the eyebrow so that you will be able to apply eyeliner to all the hairs of your lashes. Covering the small hairs gives you a fuller effect and a smokier appearance.

Curl you lashes and press the base into the lid. Hold the curler in the same position for at least 30 seconds. Pressing into the eyelid is most important for complete coverage but do not press so hard that you feel any pain that might damage your eye or accidentally remove any lashes. Pumping the eyelash curler helps to distribute the eyeliner evenly.

Most women have problems getting eyeliner on the ends of their lashes. You can overcome this problem by making sure there is a consistent amount of eyeliner on the eyelash curler. If you have trouble with the ends, put more eyeliner on the ends of the eyelash curler. You can use the eyeliner pencil directly to fill in the ends also.

Perfect eyeliner every time means putting your mascara on after you put on the eyeliner. This prevents smudging and loss of a clean line in your eyeliner.

This method has been perfected by makeup artists that service the most glamorous and beautiful women in the world. The color, clarity, and look of your eyeliner will be perfect every time using this simple tip.

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